Friday, 21 November 2014

Affordable Website marketing singapore

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Social media optimization Singapore

Why you should opt for social media optimization Singapore ?

The social media has become a powerful means of communication. Of course it is a great way to keep in touch with friends and also make new friends, but the most potent use of this medium is being made in marketing and promotions. This is the reason why many companies are hiring services of companies that provide social media optimization  or elsewhere. Social media optimization includes social news, bookmarking site etc. If you attempt to conduct this process yourself you will most probably be limited to one or two social media sites. However, if you hire a social media optimization company their professionals will see to it that your presence is there on a gamut of social media sites.

They will manage your accounts, interact with your target customers and undertake all the procedures that are necessary in social media optimization. It is true that social media optimization is also used as one of the techniques for search engine optimization. Apart from this it is an interactive platform which tells you which way the mood of your target customers is swinging. The best part about social media optimization is that although people will be able to find your website if it is search engine friendly, this process will give it an extra boost because the people following your company on the social media sites will also share your website with other people. Hence it is the aim of a websitedesign company Singapore to not just make your website search engine friendly, but also social media friendly.

The best part of social media optimization is that you can implement it before first optimizing the content on your website. Although there are many activities involved in SMO, they do reduce the amount of work that you have to do on the search engine optimization of your website. Social interaction and media sharing among social networks goes a long way in increasing brand awareness and telling people what are the specialties of your organization and its products and services.


Thursday, 3 April 2014


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Friday, 20 December 2013

Google Easter Egg Gives Mobile Users Their Very Own Christmas Carol Karaoke Machine

Google's latest holiday-themed Easter Egg. When performing a Google search for "Let's go caroling" on an Android or iOS device, the first result includes the question "Which carol would you like to sing?" along with a list of the following five carols: "Jingle Bells" "Up on the Rooftop" "Deck the Halls" "O Christmas Tree" "We Wish You a Merry Christmas." Selecting one of the carols delivers a karaoke-style music player. The song's music plays while lyrics are displayed below the control buttons

Link Building Died ?

Some say it died; some cry blasphemy at that statement — but whatever side of the fence you’re standing on, you can’t argue that the link building of 2013 was anything like the link building of 2011 and even 2012. Google got smarter, users savvier and the algorithm harder to game.

The traditional “10 blue links” SERP is rarely spotted anymore; instead, it is cluttered with Google Shopping, image results, map listings or news results… or sometimes a mix of all of them. That invariably made link building harder because you didn’t know what you were building for.

Google Again Updates iOS App With Improved Maps Integration
On the heels of a very recent iOS Maps update, Google has further updated and optimized its search app for iOS 7. Some of the changes are cosmetic: “iOS 7 styling and true full screen browsing” for example. There’s also improved image search for the iPad and better integration with Google Maps.

Google Now also seems more “prominent” but I could be mistaken; there are no apparent changes to Google Now on the official “what’s new” list.

Google Maps is nicely integrated into Google search results (I don’t remember the old experience frankly because I infrequently use the Google Search app). By comparison if you’re using the search box in the Safari browser, with Google as default, you have to endure a less than optimal experience with the HTML version of Google Maps or engage in a two-step process to get to the Google Maps app — assuming it’s installed.

Losing its position as the ”default” mapping app on the iPhone has hurt Google Maps’ standing among iOS users and in a strange way helped open up space for competition in mapping that wasn’t there when Google was the undisputed, “go-to” mapping tool across smartphone platforms.

According to comScore data Google Maps was the eighth most popular mobile app (Android + iOS) in November. Nielsen had it at number five for the year.